22 June 2000
Welcome Memphis.
Memphis is the second official city to be awarded an XFL franchise, and visitors to our message board all think that this is the best decision that the XFL has made yet. Here at XFLBoard things are running a lot more smoothly since we have relocated to our new host. The changes were completed this morning; if you are reading this you are viewing the new server. The message board seems to be running great now, and appears to be error free since being relocated.

17 June 2000
It's Been a Busy Week.
Things have been hopping! The good news is that the XFL seems to be taking off: Chicago was announced this past week and Memphis and Birmingham are just around the corner. To keep on top of all this good news XFLBOARD has added a news link page. It is updated by you the fans - so post those news links as soon as you get them.

11 June 2000
The Inaugural XFL Teams Have Been Named...
... at least that's what the message board tells us. So far the "rumor mongers" of the board have been right on the money. Go here if you want to see an overview of what has been revealed, or go to the message board to see for yourself.

3 June 2000
What has the Rumor Mill Dredged Up?
According to our message forum the final 8 teams are Orlando, Memphis, Birmingham, Las Vegas, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and either San Francisco, or San Jose. This is a little different than the XFL has already announced. Is the rumor even close to being correct? Some people think so. Read our message board for more info.

23 May 2000
We've Got the Best XFL Rumors
The message board is filling up with some pretty good rumors regarding the XFL. As for our poll, Las Vegas and Chicago seem to the the fan favorites as cities to host a new XFL franchise. We will be starting up a new poll soon.

9 April 2000
Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!
Our new XFL Board has begun! Posting may be slow at first but considering that this is one of the first and best XFL message boards on the Internet, traffic will build as the hype about the XFL builds.

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