About Us

XFLBoard.com is the unofficial source for information about the XFL. Established in April 2000 it was one of the first XFL web sites to appear on the web and it has been building a following ever since.

XFLBoard.com caters to fans of the XFL. It was set up originally as a portal for fans to discuss the XFL through a simple message board, but it has expanded to news, rumors, chat, surveys and polls.

XFLBoard.com has followed the new football league throughout it's days of inception and onwards up to the moment the league kicked off for the first time. Since a very exciting first week the XFL has been getting a lot of bad press mainly due to low television ratings. But, this has not affected the popularity of XFLboard.com.

Traffic is constant at our site and we don't actually expect to see the demise of the XFL in the near future. Why? Because the XFL business model does not call for owners to pay athletes millions of dollars. Much to the chagrin of the media, and other leagues, such as the NFL, the XFL plans to be around for many years and XFLBoard.com has plans to grow with the league throughout the coming years.

XFLBoard.com has been continuously successful in providing the fan the latest news about the league. On game day, we currently place freelance team reporters in the press boxes, locker rooms and sidelines of up to four XFL franchises. Articles written for the site are unique in their fan perspective - keeping within the general theme of the site. We are also continuously expanding our "army" of reporters as new opportunities arise.

Every week the fans are polled as to their opinion about the XFLBoard.com Players of the Week. As the official league picks are made, XFLBoard.com also publishes the Fan's Choice for Players of the Week. Sometimes the official choices and the fan's picks are the same; sometimes they are totally different.

The centerpiece of the site is a very active discussion board. The board currently boasts over 3500 active members and usually averages over 150 new posts every day. Member's posts in the discussion board have been quoted in the "LA Times" and in "YAHOO Internet Life" magazine.

XFLBoard.com is owned and operated by a Winnipeg, Canada based Internet Consultant, Mark Nelson. Mark is a pure football fan who loves the Canadian League in the Summer/Fall and more recently has developed a good taste for the XFL in the Winter/Spring. When asked why he loves the XFL, Mark had this to say: "The XFL is a fast paced unpredictable game just like the CFL. This is what I like about the new league. What the XFL lacks in 'star power' it certainly makes up for it with pure football energy."

Onwards and upwards for the XFL and the unnoficial fan site XFLBoard.com!