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The Bolts Win a Game - The Bolts Win a Game - The Bolts Win a Game

Sure it was their second win, but you cannot deny the electricity in Legion Field when Duane Butler intercepted a Lester pass to put the game out of reach. The Bolts beat the Enforcers 14-3. Our reporter, Bamaslammer made such a cheer that he almost got booted from the press box.

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Duame Butler Scores a TD

To the XFL Athlete the Media has not been Kind

This XFL produced video promotion from Week 7 says it all. If you are still not sure whether the XFL was real football, then watch this a couple of times. It is kind of corny, but it is truthful, and gives true homage to the players.

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To XFL Athletes the Media Has Not Been Kind

XFL Fan Picks for XFL All-Access Moment of the Year

XFL.com presented this video montage to promote voting for their XFL All Access Moment of the Year. You see coach Criner letting his players make decisions, Tommy Maddox tirades about Jose Cortez's kicking abilities, Charlie Puleri in a verbal battle with the NY fans, and Demon's QB Mike Pawlaski give a passionate locker room speech. In case you are wondering, the moment that got most votes was the Tommy Maddox tirade.

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Tommy Maddox - If  he can't kick it ....