14 December 2000


By TheGrandonGang - XFLBoard.com Las Vegas Outlaws Team Reporter

The Las Vegas Outlaws are in the middle of their second mini-camp and, based on the depth of experience of these players, "greenhorn" is definitely not a word to be used here!

All these players have either been a stud in college, a standout in NFL Europe or a star in the NFL (or a combination of those three), and their experience ranges across too many college champions and professional powerhouses to mention. But let me tell you - all this experience really shows as the Outlaws go at it the second time around!

According to Head Coach Jim Criner, "this camp is all about ATTITUDE and FUN". There are definitely some great attitudes at this camp and, if intensity equals fun, then that's not lacking either as 40 defensive players have been added to the skills/passing group from the first mini-camp in November. "Smashmouth" football was at its finest as the offensive and defensive lineman crossed pads. Coach Criner, (who also is in charge of the offensive guards and tackles) was quite "excited to work with the offensive line". Those watching the workouts were impressed with the speed and size of the linebacker contingent, including University of Nevada - Reno standout Mike Crawford,
who made their presence known, and felt! The defensive secondary stood up to be counted with the experienced play of former St. Louis Ram, Safety Toby Wright, and former Dallas Cowboy/Kansas City Chief, Safety Jason Kaiser, leading the way. Couch Criner feels that it is going to be very difficult to pare the 70-man squad down to a 38-man roster in six weeks because of the shape, speed and talent level of the entire camp.

There was a minor controversy at camp this week as explained in this excerpt from the Outlaws' site:

"Outlaws S Toby Wright came to the aid of a teammate in need Monday, as the NFL veteran from Nebraska traded jerseys with CB Kevin Scott. Wright, who was assigned jersey #3 (his college number), generously traded his number to former Stanford Cardinal standout Scott, who refused to wear his assigned #32 due to "a moral issue." After some investigation, it came to
light that Scott conscientiously objects to wearing O.J. Simpson's former number.

Wright, who wore #32 during his six NFL campaigns with the St. Louis Rams in order to pay homage to his idol, Jack Tatum, felt even better about being a good Samaritan and giving his teammate moral peace of mind when informed that #32 happens to be Vince McMahon's
favorite number."

Speaking of numbers, as they appear on the clock, here is a rundown on the schedule of the camp (which runs through Saturday):

5:45a - Wake-up
6:30a - 7:45a - Breakfast
8:15a - Bus Departs for A.M. Practice
8:30a - 10:50a - Practice
11:00a - Bus Departs for Hotel/Gold's Gym
12:30p - Lunch/Tape
2:10p - Position Meetings
2:30p - Bus Departs for Practice
3:00p - 4:30p - Practice
4:40p - Bus Departs for Hotel
6:00p - Dinner
7:30p - 10:00p - Meetings/Video Review
11:00p - Lights Out

Looks like a mighty busy schedule to this less-than-pro-material fan but I'm sure the players will appreciate all the preparation, and I know the fans will, when Las Vegas is in The Big Game at The End!!!