2 December 2000


Introducing our **NEW** Outlaw Team Reporter - TheGrandonGang

Las Vegas football fans were given a belated Thanksgiving treat to be thankful for when, on November 30, the XFL Las Vegas Outlaws "unveiled" the inaugural Cheerleading squad during a VIP event at the Studio 54 dance club inside the MGM Grand on the famous "Strip" in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of well-wishers and athletic supporters (pun intended), as well as the local TV affiliates, were on hand for this gala. The event included a video from the XFL, the introduction of the cheerleaders, dance fog, confetti, and the world-premiere performance from the dance squad. Sporting red lacy bras underneath revealing black leather coats, and wearing low-lacing black leather pants, the girls performed a dance number that was most, shall we say, breathtaking and
definitely showcased their energy and commitment to the Outlaws bringing home the championship title in April.

According to Lisa Teele, the Outlaws Cheerleader Coordinator and former NBA/NFL dancer, from the 100 applicants in September, the selection committee was charged with looking for 10 girls that had the "unidentifiable IT". This could be a look, an attitude, a personality, whatever set them apart from
the others and vaulted them into the exalted realm of an Outlaw cheerleader. And the selection committee did a superb job!!! From Laker girl to law student and all in between, the girls are definitely the best, brightest and most beautiful! Their experience ranges from NFL/NBA cheer/dance experience and college cheer/dance experience to beauty pageants, TV appearances and Las Vegas show performances. Their interests are as varied as the girls are vivacious!

The reaction from the crowd was from "great", "fantastic", "awesome" to "I can't wait for the season to start now" and those who were speechless! During the pre- and post-event time, discussion turned to the XFL and its probability of success, especially in Las Vegas. It was pointed out that some other semi-pro and pro franchises have not fared so well here. The consensus was that the XFL is well-positioned (through financing, leadership and strategic alliance) to be a
huge success!!! Locally, no other team has had the initial "WOW" factor that the XFL, and the Outlaws, have to get people out to the games. Once the Outlaws take the field, and win, then those fans that have adopted a "wait-and-see" attitude will be beating a hurried path to Sam Boyd Stadium! And if the Outlaws,
and the XFL, are able to fulfill all of the pre-season press, then there is a good chance that, while being successful on its own, this league could easily become
a "feeder" for the NFL. Overall, there was great optimism and enthusiasm for the Outlaws, the upcoming season, and the cheerleaders!!!

If you can't wait until the season begins to see these beautiful Outlaw representatives, they will be signing Outlaws' "Merry Xfl-MAS" posters from 11a-4p this Saturday, December 2, at the Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas! And best of luck to Kiushin, Crystal, Jenny, Paola, Mya, Charidy, Tara, Krista, Erika and Amy in
their new careers as our Las Vegas Outlaw cheerleaders!!!

XFLBoard.com Outlaws Team Reporter