The Enforcers Climb the East Division Ladder as they Enter the Asylum

By QumarChicago - Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago - (10 March 2001) -- I have to start off by mentioning last week's come from behind win by the Enforcers. And, I have to be selfish here. The Enforcers were winless because I wasn't at the home games. They won when I went to Soldier Field and joined 15,000 others to see the Enforcers first win. Now in Week 6, the Enforcers battle the worst team in the West Division, the Memphis Maniax (2-3). I'll tell you right now, that this one is too easy of a call for me. I'll show you what I mean in this article.

First off, Memphis has two MAJOR problems. All of them are of the utmost attention to the Maniax and their fans. Number one is that Memphis is one of only 2 teams in the XFL, that are winless at home. Chicago broke out of that list last week with the win at home vs. the Outlaws. The second thing, which REALLY hurts Memphis, is that Kevin Prentiss, the Maniax #1 WR, is out for the season with a torn ACL on his knee. Literally and figuratively, one word explains it all for Memphis, OUCH!

The offensive matchups are the spotlight of this match. The QB matchup is pretty good. Jim Druckenmiller, for Memphis, who has come off of 2 solid, yet losing, games. And Kevin McDougal, for Chicago, who came off a great performance in his first start that gave him the XFL Offensive Player of the Week award for week 5. Speaking of XFL Offensive Players of the Week, we got some right here at the RB position. John Avery, for Chicago, is ready for some full assault against the Maniax. I predict a big game for Avery. Let's not forget another friend of Chicago's football past, now with the Memphis Maniax, is "Mr. Fumbler", Rashaan Salaam. He's been a big part of the offensive scheme for Memphis. He'll be used a lot more, now that Prentiss is gone for the season. Speaking of WRs, the Enforcers bring in this crew of Bailey, Leverson, Coleman, and Lord. Roell Preston and Ryan Yarborough have been put on practice squad with former starting QB, Tim Lester. The Maniax have to pull it together without Prentiss. I'm guessing the new #1 for the Maniax will be Charles Jordan. He's been Druckenmiller's other favorite target. Expect them to connect a lot.

The defenses matchup pretty well. The Maniax have a great D line, headed by Shante Carver. He has taken out 2 QBs in the last 3 weeks. He started by injuring Mike Pawlawski in week 3, which may have helped the Demons more than it hurt them. And, just last week, he brutally nailed Jeff Brohm. Brohm had a concussion and had to be taken to the hospital, but returned back to the Liberty Bowl to see Brian Kuklick win it for the Rage. Either way, McDougal will have to learn. Either Shante Carver will
teach him, or else he'll finally move out of the pocket when there's no one to pass to. The Enforcers could have made a bad mistake in sending Dorian Brew to the Practice squad. He had 2 INTs against the Outlaws last week. We'll see if the move was a bust. Anyway, Druckenmiller will have to prepare for Baisley, Humpherey, and Fitzpatrick to attack him. Then, when he throws, he's gotta worry about Austin, Cooks, and Ivy.

The kickers on both teams are pretty good. If it comes down to the wire, Jeff Hall for Memphis, or Andy Crosland for Chicago, could be the saviors for their teams. I predict that Enforcers will slaughter the living crap out of the Maniax. The loss of Prentiss will be huge. The only thing that Memphis will compete for is not to be the worst team in the XFL. McDougal and Avery will have stellar performances. This game is a warm up for the TRUE possible Big Game At The End, as the Enforcers battle the Demons at home next week. See you all when the Enforcers are 6-4. Peace out. And remember, winning isn't the only thing, but money is everything in the XFL.