McDougal or Lester?

Coach Meyer has a difficult decision ahead of him

By Bob Williams - Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago - (7 March 2001)
-- Kevin McDougal quarterbacked the Chicago Enforcers to their first victory Sunday afternoon, a thrilling come-from-behind win over the Las Vegas Outlaws. Tim Lester showed that he is a capable professional quarterback, a field general who was two or three bad plays away from a 3-1 record as a starter. Obviously Coach Ron Meyer doesn't want to halt the momentum, but is McDougal really the answer?

If Meyer is going to go with McDougal, Kevin is going to have to understand that its not a bad thing to run for yardage when his receivers are covered. While Lester is no where near as fast as McDougal, he's no slouch in the pocket. Tim understands when to bail out and avoid the sack or the forced throw. Why then does he have 5 interceptions? Deflections. The most glaring was the deflection by his own Tight End that was returned 98 yards for the clinching TD in the Birmingham game.

While McDougal didn't do anything to lose the game, he didn't do anything to win it either. Both TD's were plunges by big backs Charles Wiley and Leshon Johnson. His best throw of the game came in crunch time when he hit Luke Leverson at the 2. Bear in mind the final drive was aided greatly by a very questionable pass interference call on Las Vegas. Tim Lester did everything he could to win the game against LA, only defensive collapse and questionable officiating (Damon Dunn TD catch) cost him an extremely high profile victory in a very big game.

While Coach Meyer has a big decision to make this week, he should have confidence in his opening day starter. Lester has what it takes to lead the attack against two good cornerbacks in Rico Clark and John Williams. Here's the clincher, Lester even has a better punting average than Andy Crosland, the Enforcers regular punter, always useful on a 3rd and 25! Unfortunately, we are getting shafted and won't be able to watch the epic battle unfold as the Rage will battle the Outlaws on NBC.

Go Enforcers!