A Cinderella Story for Chicago?

Is this the Beginning of the Enforcer's Fabled First Year Winning Streak?

By Troy Pringle - Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago - (5 March 2001) -- Whether they are 1-4 or 4-1, the Enforcers are an exciting team to watch. With John Avery as the backbone of the running game and an accurate Kevin McDougal tossing bullets to the receivers, we can move the ball down the field in the blink of an eye…

There was only 1:59 left on the clock, andthe Enforcers had the ball on their own 18-yard line.

Before I go on, I must say I am sorry to our critics from the NFL for what I am about to say. But, this is something that some so-called "superior" NFL teams can not do: The Enforcers raced all the way down the field to WIN the game, 15-13, over the defensive powerhouse Las Vegas Outlaws.

We also have soon-to-be household names, Aaron Humphrey and Jaime Baisley, anchoring the now potent defense that has allowed the second least number of total yards in the last three weeks. This defense is spirited! Two interceptions and some HUGE clutch play by Safety Kerry Cooks helped the Enforcers "D" hold the Outlaws in check during the second half enabling a comeback by the offense.

Fifteen thousand of the best, craziest fans in the XFL going nuts. Enforcer players John Avery and Corey Ivy in the stands celebrating victory number one with the fans and fireworks going off like it is July 4th. And, we can't forget some of the hottest cheerleaders in the league. This is what it is all about!!

After going on the road to capture victory number two from the Memphis Maniax, the Enforcers come back home, possibly with a 2-4 record, to rattle the standings in the West Division a little more taking on the San Francisco Demons on Sunday, March 18, at 6:00 PM.

This could be the start of something huge in Chicago. The team that starts out the season 0-4 makes the playoffs?

It is very possible. Remember the top two teams in each division make the playoffs. The Enforcers are only one game out of second place and with the final three games of the year against our division rivals, anything is possible.

I'm calling it out…mark your calendars…March 5, 2001 by ChiEnforcers1, Chicago Enforcers Team Reporter…my XFL friends, this is the start of the comeback of the inaugural year!