Enforcers "Like to Party"

By QumarChicago - Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago - (5 March 2001) -- The reason for the Enforcers "liking to party" was that throughout most of the game, the Venga Boys hit, "We Like To Party", heard around arenas and stadiums, was the song that was played the most at Soldier Field. But, they did crush the Outlaws. The crowd of just over 15,000 was really small, but, the Enforcers didn't want to lose this game. It was too important.

In the beginning of the first quarter, a pass was picked off by the Enforcers and taken for a TD, but it was called back by an offsides penalty on Jason Chorak. The series later lead to a breakout run by Rod "Ain't So" Smart, aka He Hate Me, and a 19 yard TD pass by Mark Grieb to Yo Murphy. They made good on the conversion attempt.

The second quarter was filled with angst, as the Enforcers didn't get on the board at all. The Outlaws got on the board again with another Grieb to Murphy touchdown for 8 yards, but failed on the conversion as Grieb mishandled the ball. And to really upset the fans, Kevin McDougal, the Enforcer starting QB, throws an INT to end the half, which luckily didn't go back for a TD.

The beginning of the second half started out good for the Enforcers as they rushed the ball down field, and later handed the ball of the RB Charles Wiley to give him his first TD in the XFL. They fail on the conversion to make it a 13-6 ball game. Mark Grieb played poorly in the 3rd quarter. He threw his first, and only interception of the game to Dorian Brew. But, he wasn't the only Outlaw to suffer. Brandon "B-Crack" Sanders, aka B-Mack, got walloped by John Avery on a running play by McDougal. That took Sanders out of the game for a while. The Brew INT led to a 31 yard FG by Andy Crosland. That made the game 13-9.

Heading into the fourth quarter, with the Enforcers down 4, it was very key that they go for a TD. But, when the Enforcers were stuck in FG range with plenty of time left, Crosland attempted and missed a FG. It gave the Outlaws the ball back. After many penalties on both teams, the Enforcers were lucky enough to keep the Outlaws within FG range. So, on 4th down, enter Paul McCallum, Outlaw kicker. The kick is up and SHORT!! NO GOOD! The Enforcers get the ball back, but couldn't capitalize on it. The
Enforcers D holds the Outlaws back again, and forces them to punt. The punt is caught by Corey Ivy, and he is tackled at the Enforcer 18 yard line.

The ball at the 18 yard line of the Enforcers. 82 yards to go with 1:59 left to play. The Enforcers move the ball down slowly. Then, on a deep pass play on third down, pass interference is called on the Outlaws which puts the ball at the spot of the ball. Later in the series, McDougal launches the ball to Luke Leverson in double coverage and gets the ball at the 2 yard line with seconds remaining. After two rushes and failed attempts by John Avery, LeShon Johnson is brought in. LeShon runs in and
does a "Payton Flip" over the Outlaw defenders to get in for the TD. The Enforcers missed the conversion, which meant that Vegas could still win with a FG.

Now with 18 seconds remaining, the Enforcers make great stoppage on defense. On the Outlaws first play, Grieb throws an incomplete pass which takes off 6 seconds off the clock, making 8 seconds left. Then, on the final play Grieb tries to break through coverage, throws it into double coverage with no receiver, but wasn't intercepted. IT DIDN'T MATTER! ENFORCERS WIN! ENFORCERS WIN! 15-13. After being shutout in the first half, the Enforcers do the same to the Outlaws in the second half.

The Enforcers, the worst team in the East Division, win against the best team in the West Division. The XFL's worst defensive team beats the XFL's best defensive team. The Enforcers become the 6th XFL team to win at home, as the Hitmen and Maniax are winless at their humble abodes. But, the Enforcers, now aren't the only worst team in the XFL. They're 1-4, just like the NY/NJ Hitmen. Next week, the Enforcers head into Memphis, as they battle QB Jim Druckenmiller who is on a roll, as well as Mr.
fumbler Rashaan Salaam. The Enforcers have a good chance to win because they are playing one of the two teams who haven't won at home. Can the Enforcers pull out their 2nd win in a row at Memphis? Who will start at QB, now that McDougal played great? And will Memphis keep their at home winless streak alive? All these questions and more will be answered on Mar. 10 at the Liberty Bowl.