Enforcers to Make Home Debut

By Bob Williams

Avery racked up the yards in Week 1 - Look for the Chicago "Enforcer" to have a great game against the hapless Hitmen in Week 4, and finally put Chicago in the win column.

Chicago - (21 February 2001) -- The Chicago Enforcers and the XFL make their debut at Chicago's Soldier Field this Saturday night when the (0-3) Enforcers take on the (0-3) NY/NJ Hitmen.

Some might say the Enforcers are a lousy team in disarray. I disagree. Why would anyone want to fight the February weather on the shore Lake Michigan? Here's why: If you look at each of their three losses you will see that the Enforcers had a more than realistic shot to win each and every game.

Against Orlando, time was the Enforcers enemy in that they didn't have enough of it. Running Back John Avery won the first ever XFL Offensive Player of the week award as the Enforcers lost a shootout by only 4 points.

Against the Xtreme, time was again the enemy, but only because Chicago had too much of it to work with! It didn't help that the officials credited Damon Dunn with a TD on a clearly dropped ball, but the Enforcers could have made just one other PAT or held LA later in the game. Either way, that game was the most exciting the XFL has seen this season.


By Troy Pringle

You would think that an Enforcers fan would be down considering the team starts out its inaugural season 0-3. Coach Ron Meyer and the Enforcers should just pack up their bags because the season is a short 10-week season and they are already 3 games behind the first place Orlando Rage.

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Have you REALLY been watching any of the games?

The Enforcers have lost the first three games by a total of 22 points, a 7 point average deficit. That's right…just one touchdown! Take that into perspective considering that the average deficit for the rest of the league is 9 points. To take this a step further, the Enforcers have been in a game-winning situation in each game and in all likelihood should be 3-0, or at least 2-1.

Saturday's game against the New York/New Jersey Hitmen should prove to be an exciting game. This could be the game that turns the season around for Chicago. Tim Lester is having a hard time carrying the Enforcers in clutch situations, so we must depend on that 12th man, the fans, to put them over the top.

If a city can support the Bears, who insist on playing Cade McNown, the "Charles Puleri" of the NFL, then the Enforcers should have the highest attendance in the XFL. This team is exciting to watch. They can move the ball, make big plays, and the defense has shown that they are ready to step up. The Enforcers are the team to watch and, with five of the last seven games at home, they can be the comeback team of the league.

There are still plenty of seats available, so for just $25, you can be a part of the fun watching John Avery, the league's best running back, burst through the Hitmen's defense for some big yardage, or Aaron "Big Play" Bailey do what he does best.

Check it out!

Chicago Enforcers vs. New York/New Jersey Hitmen…Enforcer cheerleaders…historic Soldier Field…the best fans in the country…XFL football - the way it was meant to be!

The Enforcers were primed to achieve victory this past weekend, but another twist of cruel fate made the ball bounce off of Tyji Armstrong directly to Dwayne Butler who ripped our hearts out once again.

The Enforcers are not bad. The announcer on TNN stated that the Enforcers are, "The Best 0-3 team in the XFL." At the time they were the only 0-3 team, but that wasn't the point. The Enforcers could easily be 3-0, and last week showed that Orlando is not the super-power everyone thinks they are. If Chicago can take care of their own business against divisional foes and get a little help from the strong western teams, they'll be right back in the playoff hunt.

I'll be watching this weekend from Rochester, NY of all places, I hope you all in Chicago will be watching too!


Aaron Bailey: Bailey showed he can be a deep threat by burning the Birmingham secondary numerous times. It's only a matter of time before Timmy Lester starts dropping bombs into the hands of the fleet-footed Bailey.

Aaron Humphrey: It's interesting that my defensive spotlight is also placed on an "Aaron." Humphrey is built in the mold of a Kevin Greene. Being a Steelers fan, I like the fact that Chicago tends to play a disguised 3-4, capitalizing on their depth at Linebacker. Humphrey was a leader on the defense Sunday, jarring Bostic at every opportunity. Look for him to have an even bigger game against a weaker NY O-line.

-Bob Williams