The Enforcers Last Chance Before Coming Home

by QumarChicago - Enforcers Team Reporter

Chicago - (18 February 2001) -- This Sunday, the Enforcers play their last game of a 3-game road trip, against the 1-1 Birmingham Bolts. The Enforcers, who are 0-2 coming into Sunday's game, have lost those 2 games by 7 points or less. The Enforcers have a great offense, but last week in L.A., they lost two offensive tackles for the season. The biggest casualty that will affect the Enforcers in the long term is the loss of Octavious Bishop. Bishop was supposed to be the heart of the offensive line for the Enforcers.

As the Enforcers head into Birmingham, the Enforcers D will have to help a lot this week. If the defense can hold down and stuff Casey Weldon, James Bostic, and Stepfret Williams, then the Enforcers will have an easy time in B-Ham. Casey Weldon was pounded by the Hitmen defense in week 2, but the Hitmen couldn't stop the other two men, Bostic and Williams. That was why the Hitmen lost, not because of their poor offense, but because of a lack of defensive pressure on the backs and receivers. This week, Stepfret Williams and the rest of the ThunderBolt receivers will have to go through some great cornerbacks in Corey Ivy, Troy Saunders, and Ray Austin. And not to mention the roughness of linebacker Jaime Baisley.

The Enforcer offense is one of the best in the league. Tim Lester had outstanding games at Orlando and L.A respectively. John Avery has 400+ all-purpose yards, with 250 of them coming in week 1 at Orlando. The Enforcer receiving crew deserves a great mention. Roell Preston and Aaron Bailey are some of the best WRs in the Eastern Division. Hopefully, Lester and the rest of the Enforcer offense will produce against a powerful, yet mediocre Bolt defense charged by the likes of Duane Butler.

This game, as mentioned before, is the last road game until the Enforcers home opener against the NY/NJ Hitmen. If they want to be considered as a good Chicago football team, they MUST win on Sunday. I repeat MUST. It won't be good if a team goes home winless at 0-3, to play their first home game and only see a handful of diehard Enforcer fans at the game. If Connie Kowal and the rest of the Enforcers want to have a big turnout at Soldier Field on February 24, the Enforcers MUST WIN! And one last encouraging comment, GO ENFORCERS!