The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By Sonny Sanders - Bolts Team Reporter

Birmingham - (13 March 2001) -- The Bolts offense finally made an appearance. The high-powered offense that was displayed by the Bolts Sunday is what I have been expecting all season.

I knew that with the talent at quarterback, running back, and receiver that Birmingham could be one of the most explosive offensive teams in the XFL. They displayed some of that Sunday.

Ed Smith was the go to guy when the Bolts needed tough yards. He has been hampered by injury this season but if he can remain healthy then he could be a vital part of the offense for the rest of the season. While the offense played better there are still problems. If the offensive line could hold off the pass rush for a few more seconds and give the QB more time to throw then the offense could flourish. Instead of holding the opposing defense back the line continues to have problems. Thankfully Weldon was mobile enough to get the ball to the open receiver on a few plays.

The biggest issue that the Bolts have is on defense. If they try to stop the run then they are burned by the passing game. If they stop the passing game then they allow any running back, no matter how unknown he may be, to run all over them. The defense is pathetic. While it’s true that there are a few great players on the defense it is also apparent that the defense as a whole is bad. Why are they this bad? Who’s to blame? Curly Hallman or Don Wnek? Ultimately it falls on the shoulders of DiNardo. Could the co-defensive coordinator aspect be the problem? Everywhere you look there are questions.

The Bolts, who are tied for second place in the Eastern Division, must find the answers and quickly. While the Bolts have been running backwards the NY/NJ Hitmen have been improving. If Birmingham cannot solve the riddle then they will continue to fall and be eliminated from the playoffs. With only four games remaining there is no time to waste.

With the Bolts team being blown out in the last two games the fans have lost interest at a rapid pace. Less than twelve thousand showed up to watch the Bolts this week. If the Bolts continue to falter then Legion Field could be a dead zone for the next home game. Only a two game winning streak will bring the fans back. Even that may not be enough.