Bennett in a Bolts Uniform?

By Bamaslammer - Bolts Team Reporter

Birmingham - (2 March 2001) -- When I was a high school football player warming the bench I shivered through a spring training game in which Ensley High School stomped us in the dirt. The Ensley tailback ran through our defense like lawyers to a car accident. In fact I only remember him getting tacked once all night. That tailback went on to become one of the most famous Linebackers in Alabama Football History. Cornelius Bennet or "Biscuit" as he is known around here went on to be a star member of the legendary Bills Superbowl teams.

Thanks to our buddy Paul Tagliabu I could see Biscuit play again at Legion Field.

Here's a short Quiz: What do the following NFL players have in common?: Kimble Anders, Chester McGlockton James Hasty. Doug Flutie, Ryan Leaf, Joe Bowden, John Randle. Dermontti Dawson. Chris Slade. Tony Martin, Dana Stubblefield, Leon Searcy, Tony Banks, Ken Norton Jr, Yancy Thigpen, Carl Pickens, Tyrone Poole, Cornelius Bennett, Tony Blevins, Ted Washington and Jake Reed?

Answer: According to Paul Tagliabu's NFL bean counters these guys are no longer good enough to play in the NFL.

Real Answer: Anyone who watched the NFL prior to free agency and the salary cap knows that the above listed players would be the heart and soul of a great team. The simple fact is that although most of these guys were starters they are simply too expensive to keep when you can sign a rookie for much less. Sure the rookie will get his butt kicked for most of the 2001 season and cost you a few games but money is money, right? I have to say if the Bolts director of player personnel isn't on the phone right now to some of these guys then he should be shot!

Truthfully some of these players may be signed by other NFL teams at what ever the minimum is for a 4+-year veteran. But even that minimum may be too much for some cap strapped teams. Some will retire having had long and very lucrative careers. As an XFL fan I hope that the fire still burns within and they want to play for the love of the game one last time before they hang up their cleats and join the rest of us on the sidelines. God knows I would love to see Cornelius Bennett in a bolts uniform take out just one more QB just for old time sake. God knows New York could use Doug Flutie!

Many have said that the XFL lacks good players. To some degree that may be true. Many of the best CFL and Arena players are tied into contracts. It seems reasonable that as these players become available they would choose the higher salary and greater exposure of the XFL. Also every year thanks to good old Paul the NFL will continue to toss away some of its greatest and most storied players. If the lawyers and the XFL's bean counters will just give this league a chance I believe the level of play in a matter of 3 to 4 years will be very close to the NFL.

For the time being, how much easier would it be to sell tickets in Birmingham if the Bolts could bring back one of the all time home town favorites to play his final games in front of the same folks who cheered him in the beginning?

Bolts Weekly Notes:
Bolts play San Francisco out on the coast. Somebody's going to get back on track and somebody's going to go below 500. After a 30 - 6 butt whipping by the Rage there's no use in fancy speeches. The Bolts are going to have to step it up a notch or two on offense if they want to compete in the XFL. They have the smallest injury list in the league so there are no excuses. They are just going to have to "bring it".