Bolts Miss the Flight

By Sonny Sanders - Bolts Team Reporter

Birmingham -- (25 February 2001) -- The Birmingham Bolts must have missed the flight to Orlando. I am sure that a local Division II College team was substituted for the Bolts in the blowout against the Rage. Surely that was not the Birmingham team that suffered the worst defeat in XFL history.

Once again the Bolt offense was lackluster at best. This time the defense did not show up to save the day. In the third quarter it appeared as if the defense was
tired of fighting and the Rage offense took advantage. Like a great boxer the Rage jabbed until an opening was found and then struck with power punches. It is a shame that the officials could not stop the game in the third quarter and save the Bolts from a more embarrassing defeat.

The Bolts stumbled and fumbled away any opportunities that were given to them. How a team with the talent that the Thunderbolts possess can play so badly is astonishing and disconcerting. At times in every game this season the Bolts have looked as if they were ready to break through and release the firepower that is hidden just beneath the surface. Each and every time, however, they fall apart and self-destruct.

In two of the games this season the Bolts defense has provided the difference and pulled victory out of the blue. Against the Rage the Bolts' defense was not up to their task as savior.

Where do the Bolts go from here? I still believe that the Bolts can be one of the best teams in the XFL. They have the talent but somehow have not been able to produce. The Bolts are now on the threshold of failure. A loss to the San Francisco Demons would almost guarantee a ghost town at Legion Field when the LA Xtreme visit on March 11th. This loss coupled with the win by NY/NJ puts the Bolts into a precarious position. It will make the playoff slot a battle each and every week. The Bolts must turn the quarter and get the offense firing on all cylinders and the must do it without hesitation.