Bolts Face Critical Road Game

By Bamaslammer - Bolts Team Reporter

Birmingham - (8 February 2001) -- The Bolts and Hitmen have both been down on the mat early in the XFL season. The Hitmen spent the first half of Saturday's game getting pummeled by the Las Vegas squad and only fought to a draw in the second half. The Bolts were knocked down early by the Maniacs but led a furious comeback that was cut short by their own mistakes.

Why is such an early game so critical? If the Bolts fall at Giants Stadium they would be 0-2 and coming home to face the high powered Orlando squad that spanked the Bolts in their last meeting in pre-season.

By comparison an 0-2 start would equate to an 0-3-1 start in the NFL.

In pro football the difference between winners and losers is often razor thin. One has to wonder in this single entity sports league if league management will adjust their crowd expectations for a team that has a losing season. So far the furious comeback Sunday was enough to keep the wolves away but an 0-3 start would be like wearing steak flavored pants at a dog kennel.

The Bolts have reason for confidence going against the Hitmen. The Bolts high-pressure speed based defense should match up better with the Hitmen and offensively the Bolts are only a few corrections away from putting some serious points on the board. The bolts need injured safety Fred White to get back on the field to help the struggling secondary. Don't look for the Hitmen to look as incompetent Sunday. They too have had a week to correct their mistakes and the Bolts will be in their house.