Bolt's Notes

By Sonny Sanders

Brimingham - (7 February 2001) -- Bolt's press conference Bolt's head coach Gerry DiNardo had he's weekly press conference Tuesday.

When asked about the NY/NJ Hitmen and their style of football he said "They are a lot like Memphis in that they run a two back offense. They are big and physical. We will have to move and use our speed to our advantage."

When asked about the XFL events going on during the game being a distraction DiNardo said "No. It was more of a distraction during the scrimmages in Orlando. There were more things happening and the "coach-cam" was more of a distraction during the scrimmage."

Coach DiNardo was also asked about injuries. "There were no serious injuries in the game. Some guys have bumps and bruises but we should be at full strength."

On the negative press that the XFL is getting DiNardo said "XFL is just a football game. It's professional football. If you don't want your kids watching it then don't let them but it's just a game. If you want to fix what's wrong with athletics, start with college. There are players that have no chance of graduating playing at the college level. Let's fix that first."