Birmingham is Hungry for Football
By Sonny Sanders

Legion Field has never looked so good, and the fans of Birmingham are hungry for a winner. (Click on Image)

Birmingham - (30 January 2001) -- There are only a few days left before the XFL season kicks off in Birmingham.

Underneath all of the college recruiting talk lies anticipation in football fans. College football has been over for a month and the NFL (No Fun League) has once again displayed for the world on a grand stage its SuperBore.

The ever-present desire for football, which at this time normally goes into hibernation, has been stirred by the thoughts of football in February. Instead of months of withdrawals there is hope that the football fanatics in the Birmingham area can feed their need with the XFL.

The once easily dismissed league has battled to gain a measure of respect. The XFL season is at hand and it is starting to get some attention. There is, however, a certain fear of being disappointed by an inferior talent level. There is also the dread of once again being the jilted bride left at the altar.

The football hungry of Birmingham will come, but the Bolts will have to prove themselves if the fans are to return.

It should not be hard to get the Birmingham fans riled up for this game. There has been a rivalry between Birmingham and Memphis for many years. They fought battles on the gridiron in the USFL in 1984 and 1985 as the Stallions and Showboats. There remains a bitterness buried just under the surface. It does not help matters in that it is the Memphis area that is the point of interest in a NCAA investigation into the recruiting practices of the University of Alabama.

I am sure that the fans of Alabama would love to see the Bolts extract a measure of revenge against Memphis. Forget the high tech sound systems and video. Never mind the cheerleaders and Rick and Bubba. Forget the gadgetry of the XFL. Down and dirty smash mouth football is what this game should be about and the fans wouldn't want it any other way.

Get ready because a Thunderstorm is raging and the Maniax are running loose.