1 January 2001
Imported Cheerleaders?
By Bamaslammer - Birmingham Bolts Co-Reporter

People in Birmingham have noted that the Birmingham Cheerleaders have yet to make an appearance either in person or by photo media. Other cities already have rolled out the carpet for their new marketing and special event girls. Lets face it, the Dubba Dubba twins are wearing a little thin and Birmingham could use something new to look at. The choices were made at some point in November but somehow no photo's taken.

The answer may be simple; "They aren't here". According to a Birmingham News story on 12/27 three of the cheerleaders don't even live here! Two reside in Arkansas and one in Louisiana. Now perhaps I'm biased but I have traveled up and down the Eastern Seaboard and have yet to see a city that could boast more "hotties" than the greater metro Birmingham area. I am utterly dumbfounded that the Bolts would need to go beyond Central Alabama to find beautiful girls who can dance. I think some explanation is in order.

In other developments during the supplemental draft a smattering of CFL and former NFL players were added to the roster. Most notables of these may be Kendrick Burton and Michael Lies. Kendrick Burton was a starter for the Tennessee Titans prior to a drug suspension by the NFL. Burton played at the University of Alabama so he was secured as one of the last three territorial selections. Michael Lies was re-acquired after he was Released from an NFL practice squad. Since former Auburn and NFL vet Ed King was acquired to fill the hole left by Lies, it looks like the Bolts offensive line should be shaping up nicely.