Oliver Luck: XFL not a Developmental league for the NFL

In a radio interview, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck was adamant that Vince McMahon’s startup league, was not positioning itself as a developmental league for the NFL.

“Vince wants to develop a sustainable, standalone league,” Luck said. “He doesn’t want to be a developmental league. I ran a developmental league for 10 years, but I think Vince’s mindset is to build something that can last and sustain itself on its own without any support from the NFL or anyone else.”

Luck said the XFL is close to announcing broadcast agreements,, and clearly NFL Network will not be a partner.

Luck also clarified other details:

  • There will be drug testing for performance enhancing drugs.
  • Nicknames like “He Hate Me” is something the XFL will move away from.
  • Head coaches will make $500,000/year. Top players can make up to $250,000/year. There will likely be bonuses to teams for winning games.