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The Test of Time!

These articles are provided here for research purposes. There is a link back to the original article, but in some cases the original article does not exist anymore.

On this page we will index some of the best and greatest articles that were written about the XFL.

It's a Whole New Ballgame
Business 2.0 - By G. Beato, January 2001 Issue
Will football ever be the same? Or TV sports? Maybe not after February 3, when the XFL makes its debut.

Let’s Get Ready to Fumble
Maxim, February 2001
The World Wrestling Federation, professional football, and NBC have joined forces. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Forbes Faces: Vince McMahon
Forbes Magazine - 13 February 2001
After closing the second of a ten-week season, you can bet that Vince McMahon and his partners in the XFL are already back at the drawing board, trying to figure out how to save themselves from a spectacular football flop.

XFL Cheerleader Bares All in Nude Pictorial and Interview in Mystique Magazine
Mystique Magazine - 15 February 2001
It had to happen. Bonnie-Jill Laflin, a cheerleader with the XFL's Los Angeles Xtreme football team and one of the models in the national TV commercials for the league, speaks frankly about the XFL in a no-holds barred interview and nude pictorial published today at Mystique Magazine's website.

XFL Gets the Cold Shoulder From Mainstream Sports Sites
David Sweet - Wall Street Journal - 16 January 2001
It wasn't the kind of coverage the XFL expected. In the Jan. 10 San Jose Mercury News, a report bellowed that a "runaway two-ton blimp" promoting the new football league crashed into an Oakland restaurant. The XFL hopes to persuade sports news sites it's worthy of crash coverage -- as in helmets colliding when the league kicks off Feb. 3. Burdened by staffing woes in a troubled dot-com environment and curious to see if fans and sponsors embrace football World-Wrestling-Federation-style, sites are yawning at the blustery upstart.