One Last Look Back at the Original XFL

(20-Jan-2019)by Mike Mitchell @MikeMitchellXFL As XFL Representatives scout the future of pro football and their league, at this past weekend's College All-Star games. I found myself thinking about the past and how surreal this whole XFL return thing really is.... Read more

Submit Your Choices for XFL Team Names

(14-Jan-2019)In 2000, asked the fans to weigh in on their choices for XFL 1.0 team names.  The results were interesting: We are doing it again! XFL fans are encouraged to submit their choices for the new... Read more

Is the XFL really going to happen?

(14-Jan-2019)by Mike Mitchell @MikeMitchellXFL This is a question that I am sure that many followers of the XFL, have been asking themselves since Vince McMahon announced the XFL's return on January 25th of last year. Personally, I still can't believe that the... Read more

Gambling in and on the XFL

(08-Jan-2019)by Mike Mitchell @MikeMitchellXFL There will come a day when sports gambling is as regular as buying a lottery ticket. The legalization of sports gambling will have huge ramifications on the economy and the business models of all sports leagues. That... Read more

The challenges in improving the quality of play in the XFL

(06-Jan-2019)By Mike Mitchell @MikeMitchellXFL According to The NCAA. 16,236 college football players were eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft. Only 253 of those players were drafted. Nearly a hundred undrafted college football players made an NFL roster, most of them... Read more

Vince McMahon's United Football League

(30-Dec-2018)by Mike Mitchell @MikeMitchellXFL "Vince McMahon announces XFL return in 2020." It's almost a year now since the big announcement made by Vince McMahon. The headline came very close to being much different. “Vince McMahon returns to football with... Read more

XFL 2001 Archive

XFLThe XFL was born on 3 Feb 2000, and died on 10 May 2001. In that short time, the football league was formed and eight teams played one full 10 game season.

Created by the wrestling guru Vince McMahon, the mastermind behind the success of the WWE, the XFL was promoted to be "Smashmouth Football", and the on field product was designed to be fan-friendly.

This site was the unofficial home to XFL fans. Today, it is an archive, dedicated to the fans of the XFL.

The Story of the XFL

Do you recall how the XFL was born? Do you want to know how it ended? (Read the Story)

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Rewind: Do you remember how the XFL was cancelled?

(Originally published 10 May 01) ...Joining us on the call today are Vince McMahon, Chairman of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Dick Ebersoll, Chairman of NBC Sports and Olympics, Bazil Devito [sp], President of the XFL... Link to Transcript of Cancellation News Conference

Rewind: Lightning Does Strike Twice

(Originally published 19 Feb 01) Read how the Bolts Got their 2nd Win and how our team reporter almost got booted from the press box for cheering too loudly.. Link to Article

Video Gallery

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