Houston Oiler Type Team Names

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Houston Oiler Type Team Names

Post by MikeMitchell » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:26 pm

How close does The XFL come to giving this team an "Oiler" type name?

I have seen some of these names suggested online and on Houston media. All of them Oil related.

Houston Derricks
Houston Drillers
Houston Wildcatters (A cool name regardless, it's for a person who drills for oil in areas that are not expected to produce it)

The XFL can take a combative approach with the NFL and try and brand their team as close to being The Oilers without actually naming them as such. When The CFL expanded to the states, they tried to name their Baltimore franchise, The Colts. It didn't really work out. There was a stretch where they were called The CFL Colts, before being branded as The Stallions, which is pretty closely related. They even went with similar colors.

The Stallions did well in the CFL. They drew decent crowds. They averaged 33,000 per game in two seasons. Which was the best in the entire CFL. They actually won the Grey Cup and became CFL champs in 1995. The NFL decided to come back to Baltimore as a result and that basically ran the Stallions out of Baltimore.

The XFL is in a unique position of potential team branding in two NFL abandoned areas. St. Louis of course, and the death of the beloved Oilers in Houston.

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Re: Houston Oiler Type Team Names

Post by mnelson » Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:30 am

Your Baltimore comparison is good. Still, I wonder if the XFL will want anything close to the NFL? We will see in due time.

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