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Gage Gubrud

Post by MGB01 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:35 pm

(I was a poster on the old XFLBoard during the original, thankful to have made it to v2.0)

I've seen the speculation about Tate Martell, but I think if any QB currently in a collegiate program would be the ideal guy, it's Gage Gubrud.

A refresher/intro for those that might not know, G2 burst on the scene as a sophomore in 2016 with 474 yards and five TDs in an upset of Wazzu. He was first team all Big Sky and ended up like 30 yards or so short of Steve McNair's all-purpose record, ending up co-offensive player of the year (alongside Cooper Kupp), and was a Payton finalist. He was still pretty good in '17 even with the loss of Kupp and his head coach Beau Baldwin.

He was rolling again last year until he got hurt (leg) at the end of the Montana State game and ended up missing Eastern's run to the FCS title game. Then he got a sixth year of eligibility (redshirted in 2014) and transferred to Wazzu, no doubt seeing what Mike Leach did for Gardner Minshew. Only problem though was that he got injured again and missed spring camp, and Anthony Gordon killed it during drills and the spring game. Plus having been through the battle with Minshew during last year's camp Gordon has the upper hand in experience from that standpoint.

Now realistically, it's not happening since Wazzu's first two are gimmies (NMSU, Northern Colorado) and I fully expect both QBs to play in both games no matter what happens. Hypothetically, G2 won't be as big of a name as Martell, but as a hypothetical, definitely more realistic. Besides, Martell will just pout and program-hop until he lands a starting gig (see Jeff George); besides II, as much as these kids complain about their current NCAA status (or the media does it for them) you don't see them bailing to go play in the Arena League for a year.

But if the league's still exploring that route, wouldn't hurt to target the Gubruds over the Martells (I also went to both WSU and EWU so I have vested interest :) )

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Re: Gage Gubrud

Post by MikeMitchell » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:57 am

Hello MGB.

Gage Gubrud would be an interesting choice for the XFL. He's currently with Mike Leach. One of Bob Stoops close friends. I could see it. He's already a senior so the stage is set for him to play in the XFL down the line. G2, as you referred to him was a good QB on the FCS level. I am sure that the XFL's scouting department is fully aware of him.

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