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XFLBoard Editor
Mark Nelson

Rumors Aside, Fans Should Take a Big Bite of a World Without the XFL
Mark Nelson - TheFanForce.com - 2001.07.19
Just like Andy Kaufman and the venerable Elvis the XFL's death was unsure and frought with rumors of revival. In the end the fans have lost out! The XFL's revival will only be seen in the NFL's new camera angles and the play of stars like LA Xtreme's Tommy Maddox. ... Click Here for More Information

Catch 22 for the XFL
Mark Nelson - XFLBoard.com - 2001.05.14
In the end Vince McMahon had no choice to fold the league. Once it was realized that UPN would not award a new TV contract for the coming season the end of the league had arrived. The performance of the XFL was directly linked to the fortunes of the WWFE stock. ... Click Here for More Information

Don't Write Off the XFL
Troy Pringle - XFLBoard.com - 2001.04.20
As the first ever XFL season comes to a closing, let's take some time to recollect some of the many exciting moments of the inaugural season. ... Click Here for More Information

The XFL's Xclamation Point On Saturday
Mike Mitchell - XFLBoard.com - 2001.04.19
It's been a wild season for the XFL. The misunderstood league has had a lot of ups and downs in it's first year. No sports league has ever recieved more scrutiny then the XFL. The league is trying to carve out a niche for itself in a sporting world that is not willing to accept it. Saturday Night at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the LA Xtreme are pumped up to claim one million dollars and the XFL's very first championship. ... Click Here for More Information

The Sports World Hates the XFL
Mike Mitchell - XFLBoard.com - 2001.04.13
They hate us? or They Hate We?...... The Sporting World has made their agenda well known. They have two words for The XFL.... GO AWAY!...... Ever open your local newspaper or listen to your local sports radio? If you are looking for coverage of your favorite XFL team, Good luck! ... Click Here for More Information

Bias Looks Bad on the Media
Sonny Sanders - XFLBoard.com - 2001.03.09
Behind all of this ranting about the evils of professional wrestling mixing with real sports is a dirty little secret that they have failed to mention. Until recently Ted Turner owned the WCW. A wrestling organization that is just as sleazy as the WWF was owned by the man that also owns the Atlanta Braves!! The WCW is no different than the WWF. There is partial nudity, profanity, and violence. Ted Turner’s company did the very things that McMahon has been ridiculed for. Where was the outrage about Turner degrading the MLB and the Atlanta the Braves? Why is it that one man is viewed differently by the media and considered a pariah while another is accepted? ... Click Here for More Information

What Did You Expect From the XFL?
Mike Mitchell - XFLBoard.com - 2001.03.01

The XFL is simply a sporting event in a fashion that you have never seen before. It's an experiment that's ahead of its time in broadcast sports. It's a league where team is more important then individuals. A league where success is rewarded and failures are reported. It's a league that is free and fresh. A league where sports meets reality TV and where sports meets entertainment. Has NBC and WWFE combined those elements perfectly yet? No. Will they successfully put those elements together? Time will tell. What did you expect? ... Click Here for More Information

How to "Save" the XFL
The Masked Prognosticator - 2001.02.27
With steady crowds in some cities, stabilizing ratings, and a dedicated hardcore fan base, the death of the XFL has been greatly exaggerated. The ratings have declined but you knew that going in, though their rapid decline is troubling. Rumors abound that NBC will soon dump the XFL. I doubt it. With tens of millions of dollars invested, and no football contract with the NFL, the XFL should a home on NBC. However, I feel strongly that the XFL's days in NBC's Saturday night lineup are numbered, and that is fine. The XFL belongs on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, not competing for prime time ratings. ... Click Here for More Information

The XFL is Bringing Us Real Football
Mark Nelson - XFLBoard.com - 2001.02.21
Why not report on the real story here? Why not take the XFL for what it is: Real football, presented in a unique way, and setting a standard for the method in which televised sports will be presented in the future. You just know that the NFL, and other football leagues, are going to be using some of the XFL's gadgetry when they come back in their next season. For me, the XFL moment that most impacted my opinion came in Week 2. I keep picturing Outlaw's quarterback Ryan Clement rolling on the field and moaning. Then he pointing out the "later than usual" hit by Shante Carver that helped cause his shoulder injury. Then he kept telling the training staff "It's separated, it's separated" as they escorted him off then field. ... Click Here for More Information

NY-NJ Hitmen GM Drew Pearson Comments on the XFL
The Masked Prognosticator
- 2001.02.13
For those out there who think the XFL has not gone mainstream should have listened to the Mike and Mad Dog Show on New York's top rated sports talk station, WFAN 660-am on Monday. Despite the Big Apple featuring eight major league sports teams, including two that won a title and one that fell short of such, the talk of the town was obviously the New York-New Jersey Hitmen. ... Click Here for More Information

Unnecessary Roughness
Madd Max - 2001.02.7
What a weekend for the XFL. Vince McMahon's brainstorm has television network executives turning their heads. Whether you are for or against the XFL, you have to hand it to Mr. McMahon, the opening weekend ratings were better than you can imagine. ... Click Here for More Information

6 February 2001
It's Real Football
Birmingham Bolts Team Reporter Sonny Sanders is a football fan who has been watching the rise of the XFL with some trepidation. If the XFL wasn't going to provide "real football" he was definitely going to be dissapointed. Now that week one is complete Sonny is happy to report that this is real football... [Read Sonny's Article]

21 November 2000
We'll Call it the Wild Thing
There have been some good moments and some bad moments in this trip that we call the rise of the XFL. This latest moment, brought to you by ESPN the magazine and Vince McMahon himself, has left most people baffled as to how it should be defined. In the latest issue of ESPN The magazine, Vince McMahon has quoted that XFL players not only will be allowed to date the cheerleaders, they'll even be encouraged to do so. "Yes, our cheerleaders will date our players," McMahon has said. "Yes, they'll be hot babes ... We're going to have three or four of them surround our announcers -- who'll be sitting in the stands, by the way... then, when the quarterback fumbles or the wideout drops a pass -- and we know who he's dating -- I want our reporters right back in her face on the sidelines demanding to know whether the two of them did the wild thing last night".... [Read Entire Article]

31 October 2000
QBs - Top of the Draft
The management of all eight XFL teams sent out the same message on draft day: If you want to win a football game you need a good quarterback. This is why the first seven out of nine selections were quarterbacks. Scott Milanovich, a 6-3, 220-pound quarterback, was the first player taken by the XFL. He was the all-time leading passer at Maryland and spent four seasons as a backup for the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Last year, he played for the Berlin Thunder of NFL Europe. [Read Entire Article]

25 October 2000
The XFL Draft
The XFL draft may prove to be one of the more exciting events that the XFL has staged on the road to its inaugural game on the 3rd of Feb 2001. Over the weekend of 28-30 October, 2000, a total of 560 players will be picked from a draft pool reported to be over 1500. [Read Entire Article]

20 October 2000
"Butkus Proves It"
Many fans stepped forward to support the Chicago Enforcers. Some even bought season tickets simply because Dick Butkus was going to be on the sidelines. Most XFL fans bought into the whole concept of Dick Butkus as a Head Coach. Were they lied to? [Read Entire Article]

16 October 2000
The Final XFL Player Selection Process
The XFL draft is coming up in two weeks. It is time to take a breather and reflect on how the final months of preparation will be for the XFL teams. The question that many people have been asking is this: How will the XFL go from where they are now to having 8 fully staffed teams? [Read Entire Article]

26 September 2000
Lights... Camera... Action. Real, Live Action!
Even though the NFL is not sure of the exact nature of what the XFL will unveil on February 3rd, 2001, they are quickly retooling their broadcasts. In case anybody from the NFL is reading this, here is a tip. Go to your boardroom and see if you can match this: The XFL will be about football. Real live football. The rest of the programming will be brought to you by the same guys who brought you the Undertaker and The Rock... [Read Entire Article]

18 September 2000
Sixty-Seven Days in San Jose
To San Jose, the XFL is acting like a long lost cousin who came to visit for 67 days. There was a lot of hoopla and "pats on the back" when they arrived, but they didn't even say goodbye when they left. Like the fellow once said, "ain't that a kick a head!" [Read Entire Article]

11 September 2000
It's All Math
When the XFL was first announced, one of the comments was "Who will play in such a league?" It seems that the real question should have been "What will the XFL do with all the potential players they turn away?" [Read Entire Article]

7 September 2000
Forget About the CFL
What a bunch of confusing talk lately! All this talk of sharing players and mergers with the CFL. Where is all this coming from? [Read Entire Article]

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30 August 2000
In Vince We Trust

When the XFL announced the eight team nicknames, colors and logos last week most fans were watching with a certain level of excitement. Here at XFLBoard.com, we were also waiting for the team names to be announced. Mostly though, we wanted to see if the predictions on this board would turn out to be correct. We got more than we bargained for...
[Read Entire Article ]

23 August 2000
It Was a Blast...

The XFL has announced that the team names will be revealed on Thursday, 24 Aug 00 at 1PM EDT. We've been speculating and rumor-mongering on this board for the past four months and we are glad that the league will finally make it all official... [Read Entire Article]

21 August 2000
Smashmouth Football? Smashmouth Marketing!
Have you been following the rise of the XFL? How has the trip been so far? Let me tell you… [Read Entire Article]