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25 October 2000

The XFL Draft

Follow the Draft

Where can an XFL fan go to follow the results of the draft?

Step 1

Go to XFL.com. The league's official web site plans to have the draft picks as soon as they happen. Live coverage begins at 11 AM Eastern on Saturday 28 Oct 00.. Open a second browser window with XFLBoard.com open, then CHAT and DISCUSS the XFL Draft all day long.

Step 2

Watch NBC on Saturday afternoon for a "short" draft day hi-light piece during half-time of the Notre Dame .vs. Air Force football game.

Step 3

Go back to xfl.com to recap the first 21 players picked for each team as the Saturday the 28th of October draft day ends.

Step 4

There are still 49 players yet to be picked for each team! The draft will continue through 30 October. Return to xfl.com from time to time to get updates as they happen.

Step 5

Come to XFLBoard.com on Monday AM, where we will recap the entire event.

The XFL draft may prove to be one of the more exciting events that the XFL has staged on the road to its inaugural game on the 3rd of Feb 2001.

Over the weekend of 28-30 October, 2000, a total of 560 players will be picked from a draft pool reported to be over 1500. If you do the math you will see that unfortunately the draft will also prove to be a disappointment for over 900 players who will not be picked in this years draft.

Actually the draft has already begun with the territorial picks that happened last week. Each of the eight XFL teams was able to pick up to 11 players - with no team allowed to protect more than two quarterbacks.

The territorial draft schools for each team are as follows:

Birmingham: Alabama, Auburn and UAB
Illinois, Northwestern, Notre Dame
Las Vegas: BYU, UNLV, Nebraska.
Los Angeles: San Diego State, S. California, UCLA
Memphis: Tennessee, Memphis, Mississippi State
New York: Penn State, Rutgers, Syracuse
Orlando: Florida, Miami and Central Florida
San Francisco: Cal, San Jose State and Stanford

Once the picks are validated, the territorial players claimed by each team will be removed from a draft list that now exceeds 1,500 players.

The real XFL draft action begins Saturday in Chicago, with 10 rounds scheduled. A total of 80 players will be selected on Saturday.

The remaining rounds will be selected by teleconference during the next two days, with each team choosing a final total of 70 players for its preseason roster.

XFL Draft: The Numbers Game
Draft Picks
Per Team
Total Players
Territorial Picks prior to 28 Oct
28 Oct Draft Day
29-30 Oct - Teleconferencing


Mark Nelson
XFLBoard Editor

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