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16 October 2000

The Final XFL Player Selection Process

XFL Player Selection Overview

Prior to 28 Oct 00
Protected players from territorial schools selected.

28 Oct 00
XFL Draft. Each team to pad rosters to 70 players.

13-20 Nov 2000
XFL Mini-Camp #1

11-18 Dec 2000
XFL Mini-Camp #2

2 Jan 2001
Training Camp Starts.

14 Jan 2001
Rosters trimmed to 63 players.

21 Jan 2001
Rosters trimmed to 55 players.

28 Jan 2001
Final XFL rosters announced with 38 active players and 7 practice squad players.

The XFL draft is coming up in two weeks. It is time to take a breather and reflect on how the final months of preparation will be for the XFL teams.

The question that many people have been asking is this: How will the XFL go from where they are now to having eight fully staffed teams?

In the next two weeks, each team will be identifying their territorial players. Each XFL team has been assigned a total of three schools from which they may automatically claim players. Before the actual draft, each team will probably have already selected between 10-15 players.

The XFL league meeting is scheduled for Chicago on 26-28 October 2001. On the 28th of October the draft will take place. At the end, a total of 70 players will be selected by each XFL team.

The XFL has tentatively scheduled two mini-camps for each XFL team this fall, to be held in their respective cities. These camps will be held on 13-20 Nov 2000 and 11-18 Dec 2000.

XFL Training camps will run from January 2nd, 2001 until January 28th, 2001. From the 70 players that were initially drafted the teams will cut to 63 players on January 14th 2001 and then to 55 players on January 21st, 2001. On January 28th, 2001, final XFL rosters will be announced with 38 active players and 7 practice squad players.


Mark Nelson
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